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We got these things in as they're massively useful for us - particularly on longer days if we're filling up a trolley bag (or god forbid, a buggy). They're also mega for just having around in your life - if you heading out with the family for the day, or going to watch the football / cricket / rugby on a weekend afternoon. 


Also, they're insane value - so thought you'd love them too. They won't fit into the Loma or Loma XL bags, but will slide perfectly into a larger stand or pencil bag or, of course, a trolley bag.



  • Size: 17” x 7”
  • Material: Coated Polyester
  • Water resistant zippers
  • Fit up to 6 cans
  • Holds 4 pint cans 
  • Fit 6 slim cans comfortably
  • Very discreet 
  • Sleeves for ice packs
  • 3 grab handles 

Big Frosty Golf Bag Cooler - Sunday Golf

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