• Featuring a never seen before design, a 2-layers polymer material and the new "Pure Feel Technology".
  • 2-Layers Material: The new X1-Grip is the result of the combination of an external transparent layer and an inner polymer core which was specifically designed to filter shocks and vibrations and to guarantee the best feedback through your swing.
  • Thanks to years of research on polymers, the "Pure Feel Technology" assures you the softest feel ever. Plus thanks to the two tone texture on the external layer the X1-Grip features an improved torsional stability to optimise your club speed and shot accuracy.


FITTING & INSTALL (from us!)


  • The BRD guys recommend using an air installation where possible, however, we're aware that not everybody has access to this kit at home!
  • Our experience is that these grips can be a little stickier in the inside, so once on, they stay in position. However, we'd recommend using more grip solvent than usual to ensure these go on comfortably in one movement.
  • We'd also, STRONGLY, recommend doing these properly in a vice, rather than over your bathtub ...

BRD - X1 Golf Grip - Single Grips

  • If you're looking to purchase multiple grips, check out our 3, 7 & 13 grip bundles on our BRD Homepage!