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We love the Indi Golf Wedges. 


After first seeing them at the PGA Show, we got talking to the designers who were former Callaway employees and wanted to create their own product lineups without the contraints (and pricepoint) that come from being part of a massive company.


The feel is great, but more importantly, the tech within these wedges is mega. From the scoopback design to help protect ball speed across the face, the shorter hosel which allows for more wait to go into the toe (again protecting ball speeds and spin), we've found these will outperform just about everything we've tested against.


The FLX range features progressive grinds, varying the amount of spin produced by each. Put simply, you don't neccessarily want your Pitching Wedge to always spin like a Lob Wedge ... obviously.  


The FLX is best suited for players that have a shallower angle of attack, and like to play with a low-moderate amount of bounce. There's plenty of relief, helping you to manipulate the face - with grooves that cover the whole playing area too.


All of these wedges are fitting with the DG Spinner Wedge shafts.


Lastly, we're mad keen for people to try these, so in addition to pricing them super competitively, we're also offering 25% off for any purchases of two or more wedges. We'll refund you back the 25% after purchase ... you don't even need to put in a code!


Give them a go - your scores will thank us.

Indi Golf - FLX S-Grind Wedge

£109.00 Regular Price
£79.00Sale Price
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