We've partnered with the guys at National Custom Works to create 4 sets of 52 & 58 degree wedges, created exclusively for us - and the UK playing conditions.


The specs are:


52 Degree

- 64 degree lie

- 8 degee bounce

- killed leading edge to get down under firm UK turf in the summer

- moderate to aggressive camber prevents digging on softer winter lies


58 Degree

- 64 degree lie

- 10 degree bounce

- killed leading edge (as above)

- aggressive camber and heel relief, as well as moderate toe relief to aid versatility and prevent digging


Please be aware, the wedges have a raw finish and will patina almost immediately when exposed to the golf course. They're made from a super soft Japanese steel and have an incredible feel.


3 sets available with KBS X Wedge Shafts

1 set available unshafted (-£25)

National Custom Works - UK Exclusive Wedge Set