The No Laying Up Script Towel with alternating red and blue NO LAYING UP block lettering throughout. 


This 100% cotton terry velour towel will establish your #TourSauce prowess from the pre-round range session through the 18th hole competitor handshake and hat removal. The updated repeat block lettering print makes it apparent that you live the NLU lifestyle no matter how you drape this towel on your bag. One thing is for certain: There is no bag clip.


This is a big, sturdy, triumphant, multi-purpose towel for those who need to clean up #TourSauce often. 


Towel Specs:

  • 65% cotton / 35% polyester terry velour towel
  • Size: 42" x 22"
  • Original #TourSauce Wayward Drive Logo and No Laying Up Crest in repeat print design
  • Wash in cold water before use to really get it tacky

No Laying Up Script Towel | Red, White & Blue

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