At DPGC we love simple, good quality, and our thing is golf stuff that’s easy to love, but hard to get. 


One of the things we love is our friend Robbie’s scorecard wallet.


It looks like an heirloom. It’s plain leather, cowboy type leather, like Pancho Villa’s chaps, like how you imagine Michael Palin’s passport holder; like Walter Travis’s gaiters.


It intrinsically tells the story of everywhere it’s been with him. It has taken on the contours of his back pocket, it fits his backside like a gauchos saddle. It’s epic.




“Where’d you get that?”


“I made it. I just wanted something that was really mine and I could have for life, that’s what leather is for”


Cue long pregnant pause... a few days long.


I wasn’t going to ask but was he going to offer?


“I’ll make you one”



He made me mine.


It is glorious. I love my scorecard holder very much. If I had to choose to save my Scotty or my scorecard holder in a shipwreck, I would save my scorecard holder.


It is simple, unadorned, no bells, no whistles. There’s nothing to break on it, nothing to go wrong. A single red stitch. It lives in my back pocket for a day or two a week and becomes more unique to me every time I play, our golfing history together captured in its complexion.



We persuaded Robbie to make a short run of scorecard holders for us to share on the site.


They won’t be to everyone’s taste. They’re raw, imperfect (the essence of beauty and uniqueness). No accessories, no drip, no brand


Each of the cowhide covers are cut, stitched and finished entirely by hand.


The holder is gloriously unrefined. The leather hide is simply tanned, not glossed or patterned, slightly smoother on the outside than inside. The cover is plain apart from the single red stitch, which holds the simple leather loop pencil holder. Also on the inside is the pocket into which you slip the card.



It's personal


There are no logos or other markings on the holder, just that single red stitch.


The really special thing about this scorecard holder is how it naturally becomes so personal over time, in the way it wears with you and the experiences you have with it.


To see if we could make each wallet identifiably unique without detracting from the simplicity, we experimented with very simple discrete stamping on the inside. You can see how this looks in the pictures.


If you would like we can stamp the holder in this way with your initials, name, or anything else within reason, on the inside pocket, no charge.




We hope you love yours, as much as we love ours - and can't wait for the stories to build over the years of where these simple scorecard holders have travelled.

The Scorecard Holder

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