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  • Are you an authorised stockist of the brands you are selling?
    All brands sold on DPGC are done so with the blessings and goodwishes of the owners of these brands. The idea of DPGC is to enable golfers in the UK to enjoy products that otherwise would incur disproportionate shipping costs from abroad. Hopefully DPGC can also play a role in elevating the knowledge of these brands to golfers in the UK too!
  • Why do you have such limited stock?
    Initially, we're planning to gauge the interest for DPGC in the UK. To put it simply, if we sell stock, we'll get more. Fingers crossed that we won't still be selling polo shirts out of our spare room in a year's time!
  • Can I request that you stock certain products?
    Please! Let us know what you want, and we'll speak to the brands to get it across here ASAP!
  • Can I sell my brand through DPGC?
    Yup! Give us a shout. We're based in the UK, so our contacts abroad are somewhat limited, but if you want to sell golf products into the UK to a more 'discerning' (read: golf geeky) audience - we'd love to help
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